Celaá denounces “ fake news ” about his law and warns the PP against legislation against his communities

Posted: Monday November 23 2020 11:18 AM

The Minister of Education accuses Pablo Casado of having “called for a kind of disobedience” to the autonomous communities ruled by the PP, which, like Madrid, have already declared that they will pass legislation to reduce the impact of this so-called ‘Celaá’ law “:” The law was approved by an absolute majority in Parliament, “he recalled.

Isabel Celaá ensures that they do not have a legislative framework, and also referred to the protests called by the More Plural platform against the educational law this Sunday in Spain. He declared that what he saw “in the representation of this campaign” were “three political forces (PP, Vox and Cs) which had previously seen each other together and which” found themselves in the photo of Colon.

And he criticized, in an interview with TVE, that “it is astonishing that the leader of the opposition calls for a kind of disobedience” to his autonomous communities. Casado assured that they will not wait until the “Celaá law” is approved in February to start legislating in their territories with the aim of protecting the quality of education and the freedom of choice of parents.

He said so on Monday in statements to Cope, and transferred his pledge that the ‘Celaá law’ “will last as long as this government lasts”, because when his party reaches La Moncloa, he will repeal it and, in the meantime, he will appeal. in the Constitutional Court and in the European institutions, and the communities governed by the PP will legislate against it.

‘Fake news’

The education minister stressed that “special education centers are not going to be closed” because “they are necessary in the education system” and criticized the fact that the government bill “comes with many false news “. Thus, he ensured that centers or jobs in concerted education were not abolished either. On the contrary, he insisted on the fact that the law “corrects” the “imbalances” between concerted and public education.

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