Cement Design increases its workforce in 2020 and strengthens its expansion policy

Cement Design, an international benchmark brand in the manufacture of decorative cement coverings, closed 2020 with 6 new international delegations, which strengthens its expansion policy even in a very difficult year for the sector. Thus, the Madrid company has more than 60 national and international distribution points through delegations, showrooms, points of sale and corners.

Regarding invoicing, Cement Design maintained the figures compared to the previous year, with a constant pace of work and the same percentage of ongoing projects, without feeling a slowdown, because despite the fact that many projects had to be postponed overall in the hotel and hospitality sector, employment increased in the residential sector.

This model of firm and uninterrupted work, attentive through teleworking during the pandemic to reach all customers and provide them with the necessary technical and commercial information, led the company to move to a new factory, with more space and more large production capacity in order to meet demand given the increase in equipment sales to new delegations and the rise of ecological materials, and more and more customers are looking to improve their living spaces through a healthier environment.

In this way, Cement Design maintains its attractive Showroom in the central Chueca district of Madrid on Calle Gravina 14 and sets up its new head office in the city of Pantoja, Toledo.

On the employment front, the company not only maintained all jobs in 2020, but increased its workforce by 20% in the last quarter of the year.

In addition, over the past year, Cement Design has carried out several CSR actions such as the donation of equipment for the manufacture of 32,000 masks for the Gmez Ulla hospital; or the collaboration with the Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation with the organization of several creative workshops, providing support for the professional reintegration of these users and showing the humanitarian and equality awareness that they have always had as a company and that ‘they will continue to support in 2021.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, the company also continued its work in the more creative and artistic sector, launching various projects related to the cultural and fashion sphere such as the collaboration with Devota & Lomba and the creation of the Menina Decadence for the Meninas. Madrid Gallery, with 5% of its annual investment in this sector.

In addition, the Madrid-based company continues to provide space for students of schools of architecture, interior design and fashion, as well as small centers focused on creativity and design who wish to be part of their project, creating synergies with universities and all kinds of centers. provide them with material for their continuing education, ie 5% more than their annual budget.

Cement Design invests and bets massively with up to 40% of its budget in the training of professionals and workers in the construction and interior design sector, expanding their knowledge of the company’s materials and their application in order to work with your brand and guarantee the good use and quality in each of their jobs.

By 2021, Cement Design has set itself the objective of continuing its expansion policy and maintaining its strong investment in R & D & i in the development of its materials, betting on sustainability and respect for the environment for its production.

Carolina Valencia, founder and commercial director of Cement Design, declares that “the health crisis has irreparably affected the construction sector, like many others. However, for our part, we are very happy to have been able to continue to grow while maintaining our philosophy of work and constant innovation ”.

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