center of the Milky Way: violent process discovered at the center of our galaxy

Is there a huge treasure of hitherto unexplored energy at the center of our Galaxy? Astronomer Daniel Wong of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst gave details of an “aggressive” process at the center of our galaxy. An x-ray wire is visible in photographs published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. GO.17-9.41 indicates a process that we did not know before. This may also be the reason for the transmission of energy and its evolution in the Milky Way. “We know that all the action takes place in the center of the galaxy and that they play an important role in the process of evolution,” says Wang.

Radiography made possible

However, the center of the Galaxy is not easy to study due to the dense fog of gas and dust surrounding it. Researchers cannot see the center. Wang therefore used the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which can see X-rays instead of visible light. X-rays can also pass through fog. An X-ray plume has been found in the region near the massive black hole in the middle of our galaxy. NASA also agrees with Wang’s discovery.

first search

They also found here a GO.17-9.41 x-ray wire which is seen for the first time. They say this is evidence of a magnetic field reconnection event. He says there is still more information hidden behind this that needs to be uncovered. Magnetic field reconnection events occur when two different magnetic fields interact and thus generate a large amount of energy. Wang said it is a very invasive process.

lots of puzzles

It is also believed to be responsible for the explosions in the sun. Wang says the question now is, how much energy is coming out of the center of the galaxy? How is it produced and how is it transported? How does it regulate the ecosystem of the Galaxy? The new discovery has clearly indicated the need for more research on the center of the Galaxy in the times to come.

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