CEO of casino company in Canada forcibly obtained Corona vaccine, lost job – CEO of Canadian casino company leaped forward with wife and lost job

There is competition among people all over the world to get the vaccine against the corona virus. Everyone wants the vaccine dose to be given as soon as possible in one way or another. Meanwhile, the CEO of a major casino company in Canada found it costly to break the lockdown for a vaccine and get a fake vaccine. The board of directors of the company resigned its CEO to avoid slander.

First violation of quarantine rules
Apparently Rod Baker had been working as CEO of Canadian casino company Great Canadian Gaming Corp. since 2011. He traveled to the Yukon in northern Canada, breaking emergency rules for the dose of Corona vaccine. The Yukon administration accused Rod and his wife Ekaterina Baker of violating the Civil Emergency Measures Act during the visit.

Corona vaccine planted wrong
Cabinet spokesperson for the Canadian region, Matthew Cameron, said the two arrived in the Yukon capital, Whitehorse, on January 19. He visited the community of Beaver Creek two days later, breaking the 15-day self-quarantine rules. Not only that, he also administered Moderna’s dose of Corona vaccine while pretending to be an employee of a local motel.

The company has resigned
On Monday, the Great Canadian announced Baker’s resignation following the outcry following the incident. He said Terrence Doyle, President and Chief Compliance Officer of Strategic Growth, will take over as interim CEO. The company said Baker’s resignation was directly linked to the violations and that he took health and safety protocols seriously.

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