Cepsa women referents support the inclusion of female students in scientific careers

Cepsa women referents support the inclusion of female students in scientific careers

70 women with STEM profiles who work in the company go to training centers to share their experience and become references

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 14 March 2021

The women leaders of the Spanish company Cepsa brought their experience and professional career to different classrooms across the country, with the aim of breaking down gender stereotypes in technical science careers and encouraging young students to choose a future job. which has only 17% of women. technological positions.

This initiative stems from the alliance between the Cepsa Foundation and the Inspiring Girls Foundation and aims to promote the professional ambition of girls in careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), since in Spain, only 30% of graduates in these disciplines are women. , based on a Randstad report.

“Testimonials like mine, what they can do is, rather than convincing, open all possible opportunities to girls,” Toro Martnez, Head of Information Systems Projects at Cepsa, told Efe Monste. A STEM volunteer taught students at IES Baha Marbella to eliminate stigma in this area.

One of the objectives of these meetings is to ensure that the girls “can choose freely” despite the fact that “they do not have many references” in certain formative branches in which, in Toro’s opinion, the presence of women in this type of training is “much smaller”.

For her part, Marbell High School counselor Leticia Lpez commented that the way to try to bridge the “gender gap” in the choice of studies and professions is to “give them female-inspired role models. In current areas of lower prevalence. women.

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