Ceuta declares Santiago Abascal “persona non grata”

Posted: Friday July 23 2021 1:47 PM

The Ceuta Assembly declared the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, a person “non grata”, after having fully approved the proposal of the local MDIC party thanks to the votes in favor of the PSOE and the local Caballas party.

Vox voted against, while the Popular Party abstained after presenting an amendment prior to this proposal to reject the words of Santiago Abascal during his visit in the midst of the migratory crisis in the autonomous city, with the aim that the vote no ‘does not arrive. arrive.

The reasons that led the local formation to the full proposal are based, as explained by its spokesperson to the Assembly, Fatima Hamed, in the fact that Santiago Abascal is a person who spreads hatred and tries to confront the Ceuta for their different ideologies, the races.

“He comes to this city to spread garbage through his mouth to try to grow the hatred in this city and for us to confront each other when we are exactly the same and this land hurts us as we are called,” a declared Hamed.

A situation that was experienced with great tension in the Assembly after Vox spokesman Carlos Verdejo accused Hamed of being “a very dangerous fundamentalist with very perverse interests”.

“They are silent when Moroccans collapse our health care, they defend that everyone should be in school, saturating our education system, because they serve Morocco,” he said.

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