Ceuta Plenary suspended due to shouting and insults between Vox and the rest of the Assembly groups

Posted: Monday June 28 2021 2:35 PM

The president of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas (PP), this morning suspended the plenary session of the Assembly after Vox described two deputies and members of the PP as “pro-Moroccan”.

The situation arose when an initiative of the far-right formation was debated, which demanded that the parental pin be established in the activities carried out by the collaborating entities in the cultural and educational fields.

In this sense, after Fátima Hamed announced her vote against, MP Carlos Verdejo accused her of being “pro-Moroccan”, as did Caballas MP Mohamed Ali. In view of this, President Vivas, as can be seen in the video, vehemently intervened to interrupt Verdejo’s intervention.

“Ceuta is not from Vox. It’s broader, it’s not that exclusive, it’s inclusive. And they don’t have the right that, because a person is not part of their ideology , they automatically become pro-Moroccan, ”shouted the president. loud voice, while expressing: “Be a little responsible, do not burn Ceuta. The members of this Assembly are and feel themselves to be Spanish, let it be clear.”

Maximum voltage in the plenum

In this sense, Vivas has defended that these types of statements “cause very significant and fatal damage to Ceuta and Spain because these are the theses of Morocco, claiming that the company of Ceuta, which Morocco describes as a city occupied, is composed of a Moroccan population and associate Moroccan with Muslim ”.

For her part, the deputy Fatima Hamed also criticized this association of Verdejo, and cowardly: “Do you know how ridiculous and stupid it is to question the nationality of people because of their religious belief? they are surely the ones who clean up your shit, the ones you exploit, ”he says.

Thus, the tension which had already been generated during the previous plenary sessions was repeated, while, since Vox, they defend that “they do not call all the pro-Moroccan Muslim population”. “It’s a lie, but it’s true that there are pro-Moroccans in the PP and fifth columnists in this party and that, moreover, they are not Muslims,” ​​says Verdejo.

Thus, after this response and the response of Hamed, who stressed that the accusations have no proof and serve to remain “like a charlatan at a fair, who only seeks to warm the atmosphere and in the street”, the president of Ceuti made the decision to adjourn the plenary session.

Alive, after suspending the session: “It’s a responsible decision”

Once the plenary session was over, the president of Ceuta explained that it was “a responsible decision”, endorsed by the majority of the College of spokespersons: “It is a difficult decision, but it serves to try to avoid the tension and the tension that since they have been going on in the Assembly for a long time. “

In this way, he argued that “if something as basic and essential as the defense of all our Hispanicism is called into question, we are doing Ceuta and Spain a disservice”. Thus, according to Vivas, “the circumstances in which Ceuta is living, which is going through the most difficult moment in its history, demand that those whom we represent put all the interest in attending”.

At the same time, and after the suspension, he assures us that he does not want to “point the finger at anyone”, but repeats a strong message: “In this Assembly, we are all and we feel Spanish. Spanish is not something that depends on culture or religion. It doesn’t depend on ideology either ”.

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