Ceuta receives more than 4,000 calls from Moroccan parents looking for their minor children

Publication: Friday, May 21, 2021 1:41 PM

The autonomous city of Ceuta has indicated that it will begin the process of returning “as soon as possible” the process of returning Moroccan minors who entered the city this week, of which it has identified 438, after receiving up to 4,400 phone calls since Thursday. . parents who say “there are children”.

This was explained by the minister of the presidency of the government of Ceutí, Mabel Deu (PP), who described the entry of these children as a “terrible situation” in what was an aggressive manipulation against the will of the people “. compared to the avalanche on Monday and Tuesday.

In fact, he ensured that many arriving minors claimed that they were going to Ceuta “on an excursion” or even “to watch a football game with Ronaldo” and “then they would come back”. “It’s not an immigration crisis, it’s something else,” he criticized.

Mabel Deu commented that since yesterday a telephone line has been activated by the local government to receive calls from parents who had children in the city, “more than 4400 calls have been received”: “We are working tirelessly to have what be it before the data of these minors and return home ”.

The Ceuta government has said it is even considering using the 112 emergency service “to respond to calls from desperate parents and be able to dismiss them as quickly as possible.”

Mabel Deu said the aim is for these minors “to be with their parents as soon as possible” because they understand “the concern and anguish of many families who do not know where their children are”.

For the moment, the government of Ceuta has already identified 438 minors, of which 208 remain in the warehouse of Tarajal while the remaining 230 have been transferred to the temporary refuge of Piniers.

“We do not know how many minors have entered since many are in other places or on the streets, but the truth is that we continue to work to proceed with the identification of the children as quickly as possible,” he said. he adds.

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