Chaand pe Kaise Jaayein: Journey to the Moon with Japanese Billionaire and Elon Musk: Moon Walk with Elon Musk and Japanese Billionaire

Japanese billionaire Yasaku Maezawa began looking for eight people to walk with him on a moonwalk. On this first private passenger trip, these people will be taken by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. Previously, Yasuka’s plan was that in 2023, artists would be engaged in this week-long mission. Now people from all over the world will have the opportunity to join him. For this, the first phase of the electoral process will be completed on March 14. There will be a medical examination of the people and then an interview with Meezawa.

‘Musk is trustworthy’

Yasuka will bear the full cost of this trip with SpaceX’s reusable Nex-Generation launch ship. SpaceX launched four astronauts in November last year with the Falcon 9 rocket for the International Space Station. Two prototypes of the ship exploded during testing, as a result of which there were fears of a variety of risks. However, Yasuka is confident in Musk. He said, “Musk says it’s okay and I trust him.” He said that earlier, it was estimated that the mission would be delayed but that everything was on time.

Social media favorites like Musk

Musk and Yasuka are both heavily followed on social media, and Yasuka has the most followers in Japan on his Twitter account. Their preparations consist of posting the preparations for the mission on their YouTube channel. He is often seen playing videos here in Hawaii, sometimes driving a racing supercar. Last year he also launched a documentary in which he was looking for new girlfriends for the trip. He later abandoned this idea.

What are you preparing?

Yasuka does not train but controls alcohol and also exercises. He says the training can take a few months. He says he is just preparing mentally. Yasuka said seeing the earth and seeing the far part of the moon will be the highlight of the trip. He didn’t say how much the mission would cost, but said it was definitely more than his $ 11 million painting by Jean-Michael Basquette.

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