Chabahar Port: Second shipment of equipment arrives at Chabahar Port in Iran from India, known effect on Pakistan and China: Crane from Pakistan reaches Iranian port of Chabahar

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The second shipment of several other equipment including cranes from India reached the port of Chabahar in Iran, China is rapidly developing Chabahar amid tensions from Pakistan, and India has developed Chabahar in response to Gwadar from Pakistan.
India has accelerated the development of the Iranian port of Chabahar to thwart the movements of China and Pakistan. The pace of this project, which is slowly turning due to US sanctions against Iran, has raised concerns for both Pakistan and China. India on Monday provided the second shipment of several other equipment, including the crane to the port. Earlier in January, India already installed two mobile port cranes here. The other two cranes will be delivered by June of this year.

What is the use of mobile horn crane
Mobile harbor cranes are used for the loading and unloading of goods on ships in the port. With this help, large containers can be loaded or unloaded on a huge transport vessel in a very short time. With the help of this crane, the salmon arriving at the port can be transported to other places by land by train or truck.

Chabahar deal was for $ 85 million
India signed an $ 85 million agreement with Iran on May 23, 2016. In the first phase of the agreement, an agreement was reached for the mechanization and commissioning of the port’s equipment. In the second phase, the supply of goods will start from here. India had created a separate company under the Ministry of Navigation called India Ports Global Limited for this purpose.

How is Chabahar Beneficial for India
Thanks to the port of Chabahar, India is able to send its goods directly to Afghanistan and Iran. Apart from this, India is also engaged in expanding trade relations with Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Most of the countries of Central Asia are surrounded by land. Therefore, India can deliver its goods to these countries at low cost through Chabahar. Thanks to this port, the trade deficit suffered by India due to the purchase of weapons from Russia can also be replenished.

Pakistan’s Gwadar is India’s response to Chabahar
The Iranian Chabahar is also considered to be a division of the port of Gwadar jointly developed by China and Pakistan. It is a great achievement for India that the United States has kept this port free from restrictions on Iran. India has also built a road between Afghanistan and Chabahar in Iran. This gives Afghanistan easy access to the sea.

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