chang e-5: chang-e-5 hoisted the Chinese flag on the moon, took the sample and headed for the earth

Chinese Chandrayaan Chang E-5 collected samples from the surface of the moon and headed for Earth. The Chinese space agency reported Thursday evening that the Escander of the Chang E-5 had lifted off from the lunar surface. A Chinese spacecraft lander flew the Chinese national flag in cloth on the lunar surface just before takeoff. Explain that Chang E-5 is the third Chinese spacecraft to reach the lunar surface.

Lander flew to join the referee

The Chinese space agency reported that Chang’s E-5 Ascender collected samples within 19 hours of landing on the lunar surface on Tuesday. After which, Thursday night, Ascender flew with a 3,000 newton thrust motor to join the orbiter in orbit 15 kilometers from the moon. After which the orbiter and the ascendant will depart for earth.

The mission was launched by China’s most powerful rocket

If the Chinese mission succeeds in reaching Earth, it will increase its understanding of the Moon and help it settle on the Moon. The March-5 long rocket was used to bring the Chinese spacecraft to the moon. This rocket operates using liquid kerosene and liquid oxygen. This powerful Chinese rocket is 187 feet long and weighs 870 tons.

A spaceship will bring a sample of the moon after 44 years

After 44 years on the lunar surface, such a spacecraft has landed and will return from here after taking a sample. Previously, the Russian mission Luna 24 had landed on the lunar surface on August 22, 1976. Then Luna returned with it 200 grams of earth from the moon. Whereas, this Chinese spaceship will return with 2 kg of soil.

Two missions already exist on the surface of the moon

Two missions in China are already present on the lunar surface. In 2013, a spacecraft named Cheng-e-3 reached the lunar surface. While in January 2019, Cheng-E-4 landed on the lunar surface with a lander and a Utu-2 rover. It is said that these missions are still active.

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