Chang’e-5: China achieved great success in space, successfully launched spacecraft to the lunar surface Chang-e-5

China’s Chang E-5 (Chang’e-5) spacecraft successfully landed on the lunar surface on Tuesday. Reporting on the matter, China’s National Space Administration said that the spacecraft landed very close to the predetermined location on the lunar surface. The mission was launched on November 24 via Long March-5, China’s most powerful rocket. Through this mission, China will bring soil samples from the lunar surface to Earth.

Landing Chang E-5 spacecraft landed on a lunar surface
After reaching lunar orbit, Chang-E-5 sent his lander to its surface. Who landed safely at a predetermined location as their orbiter circled the moon. The lander will dig the ground and rock out of the moon. Again, this sample will be brought to Asander. Asander will fly to the surface of the Moon taking samples and be attached to his main vehicle flying in space.

The entire mission will last 23 days
The main Chinese spacecraft will place a sample of the lunar surface in a capsule and then send it to Earth. This whole mission can take at least 23 days. Almost 4 decades later, it will be the first time that a country has excavated the surface of the moon and brought rock and earth to the earth. This whole mission is called China’s most ambitious mission.

Mission launched by China’s most powerful rocket
If the Chinese mission is successful, it will increase her understanding of the moon and help her settle on the moon. The March-5 long rocket was used to bring the Chinese spacecraft to the moon. This rocket operates using liquid kerosene and liquid oxygen. This powerful Chinese rocket is 187 feet long and weighs 870 tons.

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