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If this isn’t the job you dreamed of, if the schedules are impossible, or if you don’t feel fulfilled as a person, it’s time to change jobs. The Spanish startup StudentFinance has developed a guide to the most common signs to change jobs. From the start, they remember that one of the main signs of a job change may be not feeling 100% about working life. This indicator can lead to the decision to change jobs or not.

Employment is often linked to personal development. When the decisions taken cause a person to deviate from their goal, it is time to assess whether this is the path that was desired or not. To do this, it is important to know how the professional saw himself in the past and how his path deviated from what he imagined years ago.

When you don’t feel valued at work, maybe it’s time for a change. Recognizing achievements after hard work is key to having the energy to stay motivated. When the professional feels underused and undervalued, demotivation appears and it is time to rethink the future.

Another sign is that there is also no possibility of growth in the company. And it is important, when choosing a job, the conditions of promotion, the increase of responsibilities and the improvement of conditions within the company.

When the default long working hours cause the employee to suffer stress and discomfort at work, a problem that affects other aspects of daily life as well.

The same thing happens when you work for a company with a different corporate culture than the worker values. Indeed, to feel good in a job, it is important to feel the DNA of the company in order to be able to give 100% of yourself.

In cases where all of the above fails, it is essential to rethink your professional future and perhaps seek accommodation in a more affinity-based company.

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