change the way you manage talent

In Human Resources, Cloud applications allow a more automated talent management process, making Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and people analysis our best allies in these times when constant change and innovation make cloud-based tools virtually mandatory in all organizations.

If we review and analyze the companies that have coped best with the pandemic produced by Covid-19, and who have dealt with it, it will not be difficult to realize which ones have adapted best to the new situation. telecommuting were those whose tools were based on Cloud Computing.

Within this type of solution, we find Cloud Services, or “Software as a Service” also known by its acronym SaaS. In this type of service, the supplier places at the service of the customer all the resources necessary for the use, maintenance and support of the software. The advantages of this model are many, but above all five stand out.

The first is flexibility, and this is that in order to use Cloud tools, only two requirements are necessary: ​​an Internet connection and having a PC, tablet or mobile phone, which allows connection from anywhere, to at any time and access to all the equipment needed to work.

They do not require any type of prior installation and are easy to integrate and configure, which gives them great immediacy: you enter the platform from the web, you identify yourself and you use it. As easy as that.

Cloud services do not require upfront investment and maintenance, and upgrades are the responsibility of the vendor. In addition, the cost is variable and depends on the service: you pay for what you use. The resulting cost savings allow the budget to be invested in other solutions, thus improving efficiency.

Finally, cloud tools are designed so that anyone can use them, without prior training. They are intuitive and accessible to all employees.

Flexibility, immediacy, efficiency, cost savings and accessibility, really useful benefits for the HR department to focus on the most important asset of any organization: the people who are part of it.

Thus, Cloud tools meet the growing need for Agile methodologies, which place employees as the fundamental basis on which every organization is supported and, therefore, ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of the workforce is fundamental, both for people who work person, as well as those who use cloud systems for telecommuting.

In this sense, tools such as Team Insights have all the factors of Cloud Computing and Data Analysis to make them essential in any HR department wishing to work proactively, by adapting to the challenges of a corporate innovation. more and more in demand in all areas. .

Con Team Insights es posible recoger grandes cantidades de informacin sobre la satisfaccin de los empleados en tiempo real y analizarla fcilmente, haciendo de la toma de decisiones un proceso gil y adaptativo, that the experiencia del empleado will invite to the empresa en el mejor lugar para to work.

Teleworking, work flexibility or work-family reconciliation are just some of the aspects that have been most favored by employees thanks to the use of Cloud Computing, advantages that bring more well-being and satisfaction.

On the other hand, from an employer’s perspective, technology is changing the way talent is managed and, with the right tools and the right implementation, motivation, commitment and performance can be boosted. with low investment costs. who can be the great beneficiaries of this technological revolution that organizations are going through.

Specifically, Giuseppe Ercolani in his study “Analysis of the potential of Cloud Computing for SMEs” emphatically states: “SaaS solutions in the public cloud help SMEs to reduce their initial investments in ICT allowing them to quickly reach the market. (time to market) and therefore be more productive, more competitive and more profitable ”.

However, among the leaders of some companies, there is still a reluctance to jump on the train of technological transformation for fear of losing the security of their data: to think that by hosting data in the cloud they become more vulnerable.

But the truth is, there is no reason to worry, or at least, there is no greater concern than a possible vulnerability of local servers. Cloud-based solutions offer very powerful firewall and encryption measures, such as those offered by Microsoft Azure to customers like Repsol.

In short, Cloud Computing and SaaS solutions are very valuable resources for the HR departments of any organization, enabling more agile, innovative and efficient talent management, paving the way for business success.

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