Charlie Hebdo: Controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoon about British Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Duchess of Sussex: French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has created controversial cartoon about British Queen Elizabeth II and Megan

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has now targeted Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II through its cartoons. In its latest issue, this satirical magazine showed Prince Harry’s wife Megan pressed under the British Queen’s knees, as did America’s George Floyd affair. There was a stir in the UK as soon as this cartoon went viral. Many people have raised strong objections to the Charlie Hebdo cartoon. Let me tell you that in an interview with the American media a few days ago the British Royal Family made numerous allegations. He even said that his son was not given the royal throne because he was black in color.

The Queen is portrayed as the assassin of George Floyd
Charlie Hebdo featured this cartoon on the cover of his magazine released this week. The caption reads: “Why did Megan leave Buckingham …” The answer at the bottom of this cartoon also reads “Because I can’t breathe anymore.” This cartoon was strongly condemned in Great Britain. To go. People say Charlie Hebdo used George Floyd’s death to make money.

What is the case with the death of George Floyd?
In fact, this instinctive incident took place in Minneapolis, USA, last year. Where a policeman killed Black George Floyd by pressing his neck with his knee. After his death, an echo of Black Lives Matters was heard across America. There were also riots in many cities in America, which even the National Guards had to deploy to control.

There is fierce opposition in Britain
Dr Halima Begum, CEO of anti-racist think tank The Runamide Trust in Britain, tweeted it at all levels. He said Charlie Hebdo was wrong on every level. Does Rani rub Meghan’s neck as George Floyd’s killer? Is Megan unable to breathe? It is a violation of the limits of freedoms.

People protest on Twitter
Campen band Windrush Anchor posted that if this causes a problem, it’s Charlie Hebdo’s ugly and cheeky reaction. This form of simplistic satire has no place in the fight against racism. Besides being sad, it’s also horrible. Black and Asian justice lawyers tweeted that the coverage is derogatory, disgusting and fascist racist. In it, the magazine used George Floyd’s death for profit.

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