Charpoy protest at Sindh assembly: Video: Lawmakers carrying cots inside Pakistan’s Sindh assembly create ruckus – watch video pti party members of imran khan party hold a demonstration bringing charpoy to sindh assembly

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A strange incident was seen inside the assembly in Pakistan’s Sindh province, Imran’s PTI party deputies arrived inside the Sindh assembly with a cot. PTI MPs tried to remove “Democracy Publication” via cotKarachi
A strange incident was observed on Monday inside the assembly in Pakistan’s Sindh province. MPs from Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi’s PTI party reached the Sindh Assembly with a cot. PTI deputies tried to bring down the “Janaja of Democracy” through cots. Previously, PTI members had not had the opportunity to speak during the assembly session.

To protest against this, the deputies of Imran Khan’s party entered the house with a cot. During this time, he also launched slogans of “Loktantra ka Janaja”. Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Sindh, Agha Siraj Khan Durrani, ordered his staff to carry the cots from inside the chamber. He called on MPs to maintain the dignity of the House.

“Imran Khan’s PTI killed democracy”
The president said PTI deputies violated the sanctity of the House. During all this controversy, Provincial Minister Naseer Hussain Shah and Mukesh Kumar Chawla introduced a bill protecting journalists, which was approved. Mukesh Kumar Chawla retaliated forcefully against this bunk protest. He said it was Imran Khan’s PTI that killed democracy.

After that there was a lot of commotion inside the house. In view of this, the session of the Legislative Assembly was adjourned to June 29. In the video of the entire incident, we see the PTI deputy leading the cot to the speaker’s chair. However, security personnel did not allow this to happen and the cot was made outside the house.

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