Chat bubbles arrive at Microsoft Teams meetings

With Microsoft Teams, we can communicate with people through video, voice, and text. However, during meetings it is difficult to communicate in all these media at once. To end the aforementioned difficulty, a new Microsoft Teams feature will allow us to see who is writing in the chat without having to open the chat window.

Bubble Chat is coming to Microsoft Teams

In an upcoming update for Microsoft Teams, we will have bubbles in the chats. These bubbles will allow us all to see on the screen who is writing in the chat during a meeting. Now we have to manually open the chat area to find out who is writing. The problem is, it limits our screen and forces us to close and open the chat panel or other areas like the participant.

“Messages sent during a Teams meeting will be displayed in all windows for all participants, making the chat experience similar to a conversation.” This is the description that is shown in Microsoft 365 plans. This new feature will arrive in Microsoft Teams during the month of May, although these plans are subject to possible changes.

The reality is that with large meetings, meeting chat can be a big deal. With this new feature we will have better control over meetings and the ability to see if we are missing something. All this with a little more order in the conversations of the meetings.

The Redmond giant took over this feature, which was first announced last year. However, it is very interesting to see how Teams is evolving and improving in leaps and bounds. We’ll keep telling you all the news that happens with Microsoft Teams both in and outside of meetings.

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