Check out Adecco’s Christmas spot, a congratulation for giving a voice to all workers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic

Check out Adecco’s Christmas spot, a congratulation for giving a voice to all workers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic

The COVID-19-derived crisis has had devastating effects on the labor market: in Spain, one million jobs have been cut, reaching an unemployment rate of 17%. The second wave of infections, outbreaks and restrictions make it difficult to analyze and forecast any future, but the data last month is positive: 6 out of 10 jobs lost during the pandemic have already been recovered.

For this reason, the Adecco Group, world leader in human resources management, today presented its new Christmas spot, titled They don’t give up, neither do we. A congratulation for giving a voice to all workers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and a pledge of Adecco’s commitment to all to get it back.

The protagonists of this campaign are real testimonies, from people who lost their jobs this year and from current job seekers at Adecco.

With this announcement, the Adecco Group wants to continue guiding and helping people find employment, as Jess Cubero, Adecco Marketing Director, said: “In the Adecco Group, we work so that others work and , now more than ever the pandemic, for people to achieve their goal through access to employment, training, development and professional growth. According to Cubero, “Adecco’s greatest aspiration is to achieve a situation of full employment, to be the reference partner of the Spanish economic fabric and to understand what are the needs of companies and workers to unite them in this objective. common”.

This commitment of the multinational to society has led them to promote the #MovilizacinPorElEmpleo initiative, with the aim of helping people affected by the effects of COVID-19 at work find employment and continue their training in order to improve their employability. Thanks to this project and despite the pandemic, the HR company has generated jobs, in 2020 it helped 100,000 people find jobs, many of them among disadvantaged groups like young people, looking for their first job, like people who They were exposed to the risk of exclusion, not only from work but also social. In addition, the company seeks to bring to society other values ​​that go beyond work, such as training.

In a rapidly changing job market, which requires trained professionals with the right skills to develop their careers in a changing scenario, training is essential. For this reason, the Adecco Group has helped to train more than 65,000 people this year.

The spot presents all kinds of professional profiles: store manager, financial director, waitress, administrative, sales manager, marketing manager, hostess, telecommunications engineer … Thanks to the knowledge of the market of a leading HR company and its different business sectors and divisions, Adecco offers assistance to all these profiles through its brands: Spring Professional, specializing in recruitment advice for middle managers and managers; Adecco Staffing, which offers temporary employment solutions; Adecco Learning & Consulting, expert in learning solutions and consultant; Badenoch + Clark, a leader in the recruitment and selection of executives and senior executives; Adecco Outsourcing, specializing in outsourcing processes and services; Modis, expert in value-added services in the IT and engineering sectors; and LHH, a leader in transformation, talent development and career management.

The spot can be seen on the Adecco Espaa Youtube channel, here.

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