Check out the five most in-demand jobs for Spanish retail businesses for 2021


Check out the five most in-demand jobs for Spanish retail businesses for 2021

Logistic Manager, Key Account Manager and e-commerce Manager are among the profiles that companies will look for the most

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 13 January 2021

The small business sector in Spain has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic as the requirement to close establishments to deal with the virus has led these types of businesses to rethink their sales strategy and take the leap. towards the sale. online to try and cut your losses. A change for which many retailers were not prepared and which forced them to adapt quickly to this new dynamic of consumer purchasing.

However, little by little, companies are opening their doors with the constraints of each moment and each region, which means resuming part of their activity in a scenario totally different from the one to which they were used, due to the demand for employees. of the sector. will also change throughout this year.

Therefore, the distance learning community Crehana collects below the most demanded positions in the retail sector in Spain in 2021.

Logistics manager. Logistics became one of the main issues for retailers as online sales increased during the lockdown period, so this year professional profiles in charge of overseeing and coordinating the logistics operations of corporate warehouses will meet among the most requested. Its main functions include: managing inventory, warehouse, transportation and center staff, developing new strategies to streamline processes, reduce costs, ensure quality, quantity and customer satisfaction commitments are respected, manage the relationship with manufacturers, suppliers and customers, and create and manage quotes. Business manager. These professionals are responsible for managing the accounts of a company’s most important clients. Its job is to build and maintain the relationship between the company and its customers, who are also the ones who generate the bulk of the company’s revenue. To do this, the Key Account Manager solves customer issues, assists and understands the needs of each account, manages communication between customers and internal teams, performs strategic planning to improve customer outcomes, and works with customers. sales, design, communication, advertising and logistics teams to meet customer needs. E-commerce manager. This profile will be more and more requested this year as they are in charge of the look and design of the website which has become the best alternative for many retail stores. The objective of this professional is for the online platform to be easy to use and to carry out secure transactions. To do this, he oversees the design and development of the website and product, establishes marketing and SEM plans, manages payment methods, and collaborates with technical and web development teams. Retail buyer. This professional is in charge of selecting and purchasing product lines for the company, so he must be a responsible person, with a great ability to negotiate with suppliers and to guarantee competitive prices. Its objective is always to have an adequate stock to generate sales therefore, among its functions, are to study the market to implement a pricing strategy, provide all the relevant information on products, prices and promotions, establish consumer trends to understand product demand, review existing product offerings in store, develop and present sales projections and monitor product sales. Retail Customer Experience Manager. He is in charge of organizing, planning and monitoring a company’s customer service to ensure it has a good shopping experience. In addition, he is in charge of overseeing the hiring and training of the customer experience team and its activities, collects information on customer opinions on the services provided by the company, implements communication channels. effective communication (online and offline) to resolve customer issues or doubts, liaise with production departments to ensure delivery of quality products and services, oversee organizational restructuring into a customer-centric establishment and uses customer relationship management (CRM) tools to coordinate and track customer experience operations.

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