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As the control of the elections in Madrid continues, Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s PP emerges as a winning force in the community. With more than 60% of the votes counted, the most popular have 64 seats, just 5 seats from the absolute majority. The president of Madrid could govern if she reaches an agreement with Vox (13 seats), which is now the only right-wing bloc with the PP after the disappearance of the citizens of the Assembly of Madrid. Failing to complete the review, popular seats total more than all progressive parties.

Para conocer cuáles son las posibles alianzas que se pueden formar dado el reparto actual de escaños, laSexta pone a disposición de los usuarios el Pactómetro, la calculadora virtual que permite conocer de manera sencilla qué pactos deben llevarse a cabo para que is formed gobierno The community of Madrid.

The formations are separated by the colors and the number of places. Just select them and their strength is reflected in a bar that represents the Madrid Assembly. In the center of this bar is a dotted line which marks the limit of the absolute majority: 69 deputies. If, by joining several parties, they cross this barrier, it means that together they can form the next government of the Community of Madrid.

Madrid election results 2019

Two years ago, the elections ended with Ángel Gabilondo as the most voted candidate. The Socialist won 37 seats in the Madrid Assembly. However, he could not opt ​​for the nomination because he did not get sufficient support from the rest of the formations. The natural options to get along, Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos, obtained on this occasion 20 and 7 representatives respectively.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who on this occasion turned out to be the second most voted option, became president adding 26 de Ciudadanos and 12 de Vox to her 30 seats. By 68 votes for the investiture session (then the absolute majority was stipulated at 67 seats, and not 69 this time), against 64 votes against the progressive bloc, Ayuso was invested on August 14, 2019.

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