Chernobyl explosion again: Chernobyl nuclear power plant in danger again: Chernobyl nuclear power plant in danger again

About 35 years ago, a devastating explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. It was then closed and part of it is still closed today. Now the nuclear reaction is starting again in a room in his basement. This room is full of debris but inside it is full of uranium, zirconium, graphite and sand. It entered the basement like lava at the time of the explosive and then transformed into FCM (Fuel Containing Material). Now there are signs of increasing neutron levels, indicating that a nuclear reaction is taking place in the FCM.

Radioactive waste burns

Neutrons collide with atoms of uranium and cause a fission reaction in its nucleus. Nuclear materials chemist Neil Hayat of the University of Sheffield, UK, told the science magazine that this radioactive waste was burning, but there could be another explosion. However, the explosion would not be as devastating as the explosion of 1986. Thousands of people were killed by then and radioactive clouds had accumulated over Europe.

What would happen if there was an explosion?

After this incident, a steel and concrete cage was built around the reactor in Unit 4 of the plant and it will now remain inside in the event of an explosion. However, this would once again make the mission to suppress FCM difficult. The shelter is quite old and can explode. In such a situation, radioactive debris and dust will accumulate here. Magjim Sevalive, senior researcher on nuclear power plant safety issues, says neutron levels have been rising in room 305/2 for almost four years now and will continue to grow without incident for a few years.

How will the rescue take place?

It’s a problem for plant managers as to how the tons of debris get to the radioactive material. The radiation is too much for humans, but radiation-resistant robots can pierce it and install neutron adsorption control bars. Ukraine hopes to have a detailed plan for this by September.

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