Chicago City Council Anti-India Resolution: Chicago City Council Rejects Misleading Resolution Criticizing Indian Government on CAA and Human Rights Violations: Chicago City Council Votes Against Proposal Criticizing India for CAA and human rights

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In Chicago City Council, Resolution Criticizing India Was Dropped By Majority And Against India On Human Rights, Chicago Mayor Says On Biden Administration Issue – We Have A Lot Of ‘other Washington problems
A proposal criticizing the CAA and India on human rights fell to the Chicago City Council, one of the most powerful city councils after New York in the United States. Chicago city council members voted overwhelmingly against the proposal. It is alleged that at the request of the anti-Indian lobby and Islamic organizations, a Council member presented this resolution against India. The resolution criticized India’s revised Citizenship Act (CAA) and the issue of human rights.

The Council on Islamic Relations is behind the proposal
Chicago’s leading Native American physician, Bharat Barai, supported the council’s decision. He said the Council on US-Islamic Relations was behind the proposal and its role should be explored. The proposal was sponsored by Maria Haddon, Board member. He said the proposal was based on information from South Asian allies.

Proposal abandoned by 26 votes to 16
Chicago Mayor (Mayor) Lori Lightfoot said Wednesday that many council members were uncomfortable voting (in favor of the proposal) because we don’t know exactly what’s going on on the land in India. After that, the proposal criticizing India was rejected by 26 votes to 18.

The mayor said – it’s the job of the Biden administration, not ours
Lightfoot said it was up to the Biden Federal Administration to comment on these matters or to decide not to the local city government. The mayor said in response to a question that the reason for the reluctance you have seen in city council about the proposal is that many members feel there is not enough information on the matter. . He said Chicago has its own issues.

Members called the proposal a division, protested
The mayor of Chicago has said that I would like to say that the Biden administration cannot go any further by serving as mayor of Chicago. Council member Raymond A. Lopez called the proposal a division and said that I cannot support it, that it is very divisive. Thousands of people have contacted my office and strongly opposed the proposal. The Indian Consulate General also contacted me. It tells about its impact on the community at large and on the discussion at large. I told my colleague not to vote for it.

The Indian consulate had contacted the members
The Indian Consulate in Chicago is believed to have contacted the city’s mayor and all 50 Chicago City Council members before the proposal was presented. Member George A. Cardness asked that if India could have a church in Chicago City Council, why not Uygars in China. He said why couldn’t Israel-Palestine be discussed? What about the harassment of women by Boko Haram in Nigeria? If we tackle this type of problem, there are many global problems. There are many important issues in our home that require our attention. We are a united community.

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