Chicago gunman, 7 shot dead in different areas, 3 killed – Chicago shootout, man shoots seven in series, at least 3 dead, 4 injured before gunman was killed by police

A man who opened fire from the south side of Chicago killed three people and injured four others. The person was killed during a meeting with the police in a parking lot in the northern part of the city. Investigators are trying to find the motive for the murder. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown told reporters the shooting started on Saturday afternoon.

The first student has been targeted
The shooter shot a 30-year-old University of Chicago student in the head while sitting in his car in a covered parking lot in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Shooter Jason Nightengale, 32, then went to an apartment and shot a 46-year-old security guard who was sitting at his desk. He then shot a 77-year-old woman there as well. The guard was pronounced dead in hospital while the woman is in critical condition.

Three people shot in the shop
After that, the attacker ripped the car from an ID person with a gun and went to a store and opened fire there. A 20-year-old man was killed and an 81-year-old woman was injured. The condition of the woman is critical. The shooter shot a 15-year-old girl sitting in a car in front of the store. The girl’s mother was also with him. His condition is critical.

Shoot the police
After that, the attacker went to the same store again, but officers were investigating the shooting before that, he opened fire on the officers. However, no officer was injured. The attacker did not stop here, but took the vehicle towards Evaston. It borders Chicago.

Shoot in another store
Evenstone Police Chief Demitrouse Cook said officers also shot inside a store. In fact, the attacker went to this store and fired bullets threatening to loot but no one was shot there.

Police shot dead during a meeting
The assailant also escaped from an IHOP restaurant, where he shot a woman in the head. His condition is critical. After leaving the restaurant, officers surrounded him in the parking lot, where he was killed during an encounter with the police.

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