Chicago man stressed by Covid 19 jumps into Lake Michigan for 365th consecutive day

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When people around the world are struggling with the stress of the global corona virus pandemic, one person from Chicago, USA has found a unique way to relax. He started jumping in Lake Michigan and Saturday was 365 days in Chicago
As people around the world struggle with the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, a man in the city of Chicago, United States, has found a unique way to relax. He started jumping in Lake Michigan and on Saturday he jumped into the lake for the 365th day in a row. Dan O’Connor said he started jumping into the city’s “Montrose Harbor” last year to ease tensions.

O’Connor, a father of three, said: “I continued to do this during the global pandemic, during the protests, during the election year … jumping into the lake, I feel like ‘no sound can reach me and in the lake I can only do it with my own hands I am with you and I reach the state of meditation O’Connor had started to jump into the lake in the cold The lake was frozen by this time, but it started to jump into a pit dug between the frozen water.

O’Connor recounted that during this process, he one day discovered that there were 20 scratch and cut marks on his body. O’Connor said people’s comments encouraged her to continue with the work. He said Saturday was special because on that day I did 365 days of jumping in the lake.

Over 17.5 crore of corona cases in the world
Meanwhile, corona cases have jumped to 17.47 crore worldwide. In total, more than 37.8 lakh of people have died from this outbreak so far. These figures were shared by Johns Hopkins University. The total number of cases and death toll worldwide are currently 175,181,504 and 3,780,592, respectively. According to the CSSE, the United States remains the most affected country in the world with the highest number of cases and deaths with 33,437,110 and 599,175 respectively. India ranks second in terms of corona infection with 29,274,823 cases.

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