chicken fillet Taiwan coma: young man who was in a coma for two months in Taiwan smells after hearing the name “ chicken ” – a young man from Taiwan awakened from 62 day coma by words chicken fillet

The young man, seriously injured in a traffic accident in Taiwan, had been in a coma for 62 days. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, this young man did not come to his senses. Meanwhile, his brother suddenly became aware of the name of this young man’s favorite dish, chicken fillet. The name of this young man is said as Chiyu (18 years old). Everyone is surprised when the young man comes to his senses.

Earlier in July, Chiu, who lives in Hsinchu County, was the victim of a traffic accident. He was driving his scooter at the time of the incident. In this accident, several parts of his body sustained serious injuries. He was immediately taken to hospital. Tsuen Hsien, director of the ICU at Toon Yen General Hospital, said Chiu had serious injuries in several parts of the body, including the kidneys and liver.

Hsien said Chiu had bleeding in her stomach. Seeing Chiu’s critical condition, the doctors underwent emergency surgery and saved his life, but he went into a deep coma. Chiu had 6 operations in Aspal. He said that once the medical staff started preparing for the repair of his body. He described Chieu’s strong will to be the most important in his survival.

A nurse reported that Chiu was battling Jingdi and death, and her family members prayed to God to save her life. The nurse said that on the 62nd day of Chiu’s coma, her brother suddenly jokingly said, “Brother, I’m going to eat your favorite chicken fillet.” Hearing this, Chiyu’s punches became faster and he began to wonder in a surprising way. All of his major organs began to function. Chiyu later recovers fully and is released from the hospital.

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