China air combat: China Donghai Airlines fight over first-class toilet leaves flight attendant with broken arm, pilot with missing tooth

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A flight attendant breaks up the fight between the pilot and the flight attendant over the use of the toilet during the flight in China, the pilot also lost.
In China, there was a bitter fight between the flight attendant and the pilot for using the toilet at an altitude of several thousand feet. In this fight, the flight attendant’s hand broke, while the pilot lost one of his teeth. Video of this incident goes viral on Chinese social media Vivo. Donghai Airlines suspended the accused pilot and flight attendant after receiving information about the incident and opened a high-level investigation into the matter.

Suspended pilot and flight attendant
According to Chinese media, the incident happened on February 20, about 50 minutes before landing on Ghai Airlines flight DZ6297 from Nantong to Xian. Passengers on the flight said that prior to the fight, the two staff members also had a long verbal war, after which the brawl ensued. The airline took action but did not announce the names of the pilot and flight attendant.

How did the quarrel start
In fact, the pilot was using the toilet during the flight. At the same time, a passenger in the first class cabin of the flight expressed a desire to use the toilet. The pilot asked the passenger to sit in his seat and wait, but the passenger ignored the pilot’s words. When the pilot exited the toilet, he found the passenger standing at the door.

The pilot berated the flight attendant
After which, the pilot called the flight attendant who was watching the first class cabin and berated him. The pilot said that you are not doing your job properly which is detrimental to the safety of the flight. After which, the flight attendant, while denying his error, expressed strong opposition to the pilot’s comments. Soon, the cross-examination between the two turned into a brawl. In this, the flight attendant’s arm broke, while the pilot’s tooth.

Donghai Airlines issued a statement
The flight attendant was not allowed to return from the same plane after the flight reached Xi’an. The video of this incident is also going very viral on Chinese social networks. Donghai Airlines issued a statement after which confirmed the incident. The airline said the two employees accused of assault were suspended with immediate effect. The company said we attach more importance to mutual interactions during the flight.

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