China America News: China calls outgoing US Secretary of State Pompeio “ the effigy of a great disaster ” – China calls outgoing US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo as the image of a great disaster

China’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday described outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as an “ effigy of the great catastrophe ” and said his condemnation of China for genocide and crimes against humanity is only ‘part of the “ waste’ ‘. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said accusations of harassment against Muslim minority groups in China’s Xinjiang region were ‘absolutely sensational pseudo-proposals’ and the concoction of forces anti-Communists under the command of Pompeo, a malicious anti-Chinese. East.

Hua said: “This American leader, known for his lies and deceit, is making himself a ‘bearer of great disaster’….” Pompeo’s announcement on Tuesday does not require immediate action, but the United States could take his announcement regarding China into account in formulating its policy against China. However, China says its policy in Xinjiang is aimed only at economic growth and social stability.

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It is worth noting that the United States has taken events in Xinjiang seriously in the past and has imposed sanctions on top Chinese Communist Party leaders, Chinese government enterprises, etc. Last week, outgoing (US) President Donald Trump announced that the United States would stop importing cotton from Xinjiang. China is accused of imprisoning more than a million people, including Ugur and other Muslim groups.

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However, China has denied these claims. James Lebold, a Chinese-born policy expert at La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia, said: “Hopefully China’s accountability policy will continue even under the new administration (Joe Biden).” “I hope that the Biden administration can bring allied countries together to pressure the Chinese government,” he said.

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