China appears to be warning India that malware attack on Indian power lights could end: China cyber-attacked Indian power companies and power grids during tensions in Ladakh

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China had targeted India’s power supply during tensions in Ladakh, in October, Chinese hackers carried out cyber attacks 40,500 times in five days.
During the lingering tension in Ladakh, China sought a blackout in India with the help of its hackers. U.S. media cited a New York Times study as claiming that an army of Chinese hackers had cyber-attacked India’s power grid, IT companies, and the banking industry 40,500 times in just five days in October. According to this study, China participated in the blackout in Mumbai on October 12, four months after the shock of the Galvan Valley in June.

Was Mumbai’s electricity due to a Chinese cyberattack?
In fact, it was the result of the Campan’s conduct as part of a larger Chinese cyber campaign against India’s power grid. China was trying to show that if action was taken against it at the border, it would shut India down by attacking malware on various power grids. This study also mentioned that at this time Chinese malware had entered the systems controlling the power supply in India. Which also included high voltage transmission substations and thermal power stations.

Claims of the American Cyber ​​Security Society
A report by the U.S. cybersecurity firm Recorded Future announced China’s foray into India’s power line. This company is researching the use of the Internet with government agencies. The company has learned that most Chinese malware is never activated. However, the recorded future could not reach inside the Indian power system, so it could not be studied.

Chinese hackers infiltrated power grid and transmission line
Stuart Solomon, director of operations at Recorded Future, said the Chinese government hacker firm named Red Echo has systematically used advanced cyber-hacking techniques to covertly infiltrate more than a dozen production and transmission lines. electricity in India. At the same time, the power supply was cut off due to an outage in the power grid in Mumbai. However, it could not be proven if there was a cyber attack or some other reason behind it.

What happened in Mumbai on October 12?
On the morning of October 12, 2020, there was a sudden commotion in Mumbai due to the sudden loss of power. The endless Mumbai was suddenly interrupted. Fans had stopped working in Mumbai hospitals facing Corona due to lightning. It was darkened due to the power cut in the offices. However, the power supply was restarted after 2 hours of effort.

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