China atrocities at height in Hong Kong, 53 pro-democracy leaders arrested – Hong Kong arrested 53 pro-democracy activists under national security law

Hong Kong
China’s persecution in Hong Kong is setting new records of cruelty day after day. Hong Kong police on Wednesday arrested 53 former lawmakers and pro-democracy activists for violating the new national security law. The leaders are accused of violating the new national security law by participating in unofficial primary elections for the legislature last year.

Such action for the first time after the new law
The United States, the European Union and Britain have strongly criticized China for the arrest of MPs and pro-democracy activists. The United States has also demanded the immediate release of these Chinese leaders. The arrest of so many former MPs and pro-democracy activists is the biggest move against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement after Beijing’s national security law was enforced. China passed the law in June last year to suppress dissent in the semi-autonomous region.

Hong Kong puppet government clarified
Hong Kong’s security minister said the operation targeted active elements suspected of being involved in the crime of seriously harming, interfering with or reversing the legal obligations of the executive government of the Hong Kong government. He said those arrested were suspected of trying to cripple the government with their plan to secure a majority in the legislature, create the conditions that would have led Hong Kong’s top leader to resign and how the government works must stop.

Police forcibly arrested leaders from their homes
Former lawmaker Lam Cheuk Ting shared a video on his Facebook page and reported that the police entered his home and told him he was suspected of violating the National Security Law. The country’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, has postponed Hong Kong’s legislative elections for a year, citing the global Corona virus outbreak.

Police have tightened the screws on many top leaders
According to reports from the local “South China Morning Post” and the “Now News” news site, those arrested include former MPs and pro-democracy activists. Hong Kong’s largest opposition party, the “ Democratic Party, ” posted on its Facebook page that seven of its members had been arrested. These include former party chairman Wu Chi-wai, former MPs Helena Wong, Lam Chuke-ting and James Toe.

America and EU demanded the release of leaders
Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) demanded the immediate release of arrested MPs and pro-democracy activists. EU spokesman Peter Stano told the press conference that the arrests are an indication that political pluralism will no longer be tolerated in Hong Kong. He said the security law was used to quell discontent and stifle human rights and political freedom. Stano did not rule out the possibility of sanctions against China and said EU authorities and member countries were considering steps that could be taken in this regard.

Unofficial elections were held last year
In July of last year, pro-democracy activists and MPs held informal primary elections to decide which candidate to run in the postponed parliamentary elections, which would boost their chances of winning more seats in the next election. These pro-democracy leaders describe the current government as pro-China and say winning more and more seats will increase their chances of securing votes against the government.

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