China Australia News: Australia cancels Victoria Belt and Road agreement with China: Australia cancels Belt and Road Initiative agreement with China

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Australia rescued from China’s Belt and Road initiative, pursues two deals, cites new security law
Australia has now taught China a hard lesson, entangled with countries around the world. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office has abandoned two agreements of China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative with national security in mind. Among the two deals that were scrapped, Chinese companies were to build two construction facilities in the province of Victoria, Australia.

Australia-China signed this agreement in 2018-2019
Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne said in a statement that the agreement was signed with China in 2018 and 2019. We have decided to cancel this ambitious Chinese project under the new China law. national security. He said the new law allows the federal government to ignore international agreements made at lower administrative levels that violate the national interest.

Foreign Minister said – The deal was not good for the country
Payne said in a statement that I believe these arrangements are not in line with Australia’s foreign policy or are contrary to our foreign relations. China had previously warned of disrupting successful behavioral cooperation with Victoria if tensions with Australia escalate. Since then, Australia has also taken this step to teach China a lesson.

Australia fought back under the new law
Australia passed a National Security Act in 2018 that prohibits covert foreign interference in national policies. Beijing has described the laws as damaging to China and toxic to Sino-Australian relations. It is believed that with this new decision, tensions between Australia and China could escalate further.

Australia will hit China hard, Dragon will be ‘blind’ in space
China is in trade war with Australia
A few days ago, Australian Ambassador to China Graham Fletcher described him as an avenger and an unreliable business partner. These days, due to tensions in the two countries, there has been a huge drop in goods exported from Australia to China. In fact, the diplomatic showdown between the two countries has intensified since Australia requested an independent investigation into the global corona virus outbreak a year ago.

Australian Defense Minister announced – will step up cooperation with India to deal with China
Face to face Australia-China with Hong Kong
Australia has also canceled the extradition treaty with Hong Kong due to apprehensions stemming from China’s national security law. After that, Australia and Hong Kong will no longer be able to extradite anyone from their jurisdiction. Apart from that, Australia has also offered Hong Kong people to settle here and extend the visa period. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that people doing business in Hong Kong can come if they want to come to Australia.

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