China bans arms sales to Taiwan, Boeing-Lockheed, Raytheon banned – China sanctions U.S. companies Boeing Defense

China has banned three major US arms manufacturers from selling war accessories to Taiwan. China’s Foreign Ministry announced the ban, saying Boeing Defense of America, Lockheed Mortin and Raytheon would no longer do business in China. The weapons sold by these three companies are sold by the United States to Taiwan.

China said – okay to punish us
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a press conference on Monday that the ban was imposed on October 21 on the sale of arms worth $ 1.8 billion. dollars in Taiwan. It consists of sensors, missiles and artillery. He said China has every right to punish companies selling arms to Taiwan.

How is China going to steal technology now!
China is already infamous for stealing foreign technology and manufacturing weapons. He made many such weapons based on the technology of other countries. For example, the Chengdu J-10 from China is a copy of the American F-16 fighter plane. At the same time, China’s J-20 stealth aircraft was copied from the US F-35. Not only that, China also stole models of many ships from Russia. It includes a copy of the MiG-21 in Chengdu J-7.

Was already a threatening action
China was already threatening to take steps to sell arms to the United States. However, he never said what kind of action he would take. Nevertheless, military experts believed that China could not even think of war with America, forgetting about it. In such a situation, it will go towards economic restriction. China had said the arms deal could worsen its relationship with the United States and its armed forces.

US approves billion dollar arms deal
The US State Department said on Wednesday it had approved the sale of 135 targeted ground attack missiles, military equipment and training items to Taiwan to boost its defense capabilities. The ministry said in a statement that the deal was worth more than $ 1 billion. Boeing is said to have built these missiles.

China is preparing for war with Taiwan; missile missiles in the south china sea

America gives this weapon to Taiwan
The deal will give Taiwan advanced sensors for the F-16 fighter, low-level supersonic missiles and rocket hammers to destroy enemy warships at sea. Last year, the United States signed an agreement to deliver 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan. In 2020, the Donald Trump administration is taking a very aggressive stance on Taiwan and the sale of these weapons will bring its relations with China to a very low level.

Taiwan wants to buy guns before US election
Taiwan is afraid that if Trump is defeated, Biden will rarely hand Taipei such a deadly weapon. That is why Taiwan wants to supply these weapons as quickly as possible. China constantly conducts exercises near the Taiwan Strait, further increasing fear of Taiwan. A US official said Taiwan spends a lot on defense, but needs to be self-sufficient.

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