China bans British politicians: China bans British politicians from fighting back on human rights sanctions: China bans five British MPs

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Tension imposed on China and UK because of Uighur human rights violations, China banned 5 British MPs, 4 banned organizations; the British also imposed a ban on Chinese officials
Tensions have grown between Britain and China over human rights violations against Uighur Muslims. Britain had announced sanctions against Chinese authorities on the matter a few days earlier. After which, today, China also announced the ban of 5 UK MPs and 4 organizations. Disputes between the two countries are likely to escalate due to the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s ban list.

China has imposed a ban on these leaders
Among the leaders who have been banned by China are former Conservative Party leader Lan Duncan Smith, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Tugnadat, Pakistani-born Nusran Gani, MPs including Tim Laughton and members of the House of Lords, Baroness Kennedy and Lord Alton. The name is included. All of these MPs and leaders are said to be members of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China.

PM Johnson sentenced
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said lawmakers and British nationals who were banned by China today play an important role in shedding light on human rights violations against Uighur Muslims. He said that the freedom to speak out against oppression is fundamental and I stand firmly with him.

China has also banned four organizations
Four organizations are also on the Chinese ban list. These include the China Research Group of MPs and the Essex Court Chambers. He published a legal opinion describing China’s actions in Xinjiang as genocide. The other two groups are the Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission and the Uighur Tribunal.

Britain also imposed a ban on Chinese officials
A few days ago, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced sanctions against Chinese authorities and organizations under Britain’s system of global human rights restrictions. This system of restriction concerns violations against Uighar Muslims and other minorities.

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