China border India air base: India Tension at the China border New air base near Ladakh: fighter jet base near Ladakh on the China India border

China has started to compensate for its limited air operations along the actual line of control with India. According to sources, China is preparing an air base for combat aircraft operations in Xinjiang province, near Shakche, in the eastern region of Ladakh. The ANI news agency quoted government sources as saying that this base is being built between the existing base in Kashgar and Hogan.

Operations are already underway in these two locations. With the help of the new base, the Chinese Air Force is trying to close the gap. At present, there is a distance of 400 km between the two. There is an air base in Shakche and it is being upgraded for combat aircraft operations. Sources say this base will be ready soon and work has been ramped up here.

Clash between India and China: China has deployed 50,000 troops on the Ladakh border, the Indian army has taken action
At the same time, the eyes of Indian agencies are also fixed on China’s border with Barahiti on the border with Uttarakhand. China has brought many unmanned aerial vehicles here. They fly in the area. Recently, the Chinese Air Force had also conducted an exercise that India had also kept an eye on and was ready for all kinds of action.

Chinese soldiers entered Demchuk, Ladakh, spices from Dalai Lama’s birthday celebrations, banner flags shown standing on our land
A few weeks ago, a Wall Street Journal article claimed that China had deployed 15,000 more troops than the number deployed during the Galwan violence. According to Indian intelligence and military officials, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has gradually increased its military presence to more than 50,000 in recent months.

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