China: China is developing infrastructure in Tibetan villages near Arunachal Pradesh, China is expanding its reach in areas adjacent to Arunachal

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Continued strengthening of hold in remote areas of Tibet, rapidly developing infrastructure in villages adjacent to Dragonseema, Chinese government white paper on Tibetan reported to New Delhi
China is steadily strengthening its hold over Tibet. At the same time, it is also eyeing other countries bordering Tibet. Dragon is rapidly expanding infrastructure in remote villages bordering Tibet, India, Bhutan and Nepal. China has also created a sensation in the areas bordering the Arunachal border, where it is undertaking construction work related to many important infrastructure. This was revealed by the Chinese government’s white paper on Tibet on Friday.

The stalemate that started in Ladakh last year is not yet fully resolved. At the same time, there are reports of an increase in Chinese military movements on the Ladakh border, in such a situation, the construction of infrastructure by China in the areas adjacent to Arunachal gives rise to many apprehensions. After this new revelation, the question began to arise if the dragon, who claims to have claimed Arunachal Pradesh, is also there to create a situation like Ladakh?

The document, titled “Since 1951: Liberation, Development and Prosperity,” states that it has become important to develop border areas and improve the lives of people in Tibet, as the strategically important Himalayan region shares a border. 4000 km outside. that people in neighboring areas lead difficult lives and work in difficult conditions; and that poverty is also high there. The government is trying to improve the standard of living of the population by developing border areas at all levels. The document states that under the leadership of the Communist Party, there has been year-to-year economic allocation for border development in Tibet.

Since President Xi Chinphing came to power in 2012, the creation of new villages, with an additional emphasis on security, has prioritized the development of China’s border areas. The border dispute between India and China has a length of 3,488 km of Line of Effective Control (LAC). China claims Arunachal Pradesh is part of southern Tibet, but India has firmly rejected its request.

China makes a “tour” with the South China Sea in Arunachal Pradesh, according to experts, India shares a border of 477 km with Bhutan, while 1389 km of border with Nepal. The development of border villages was also described in President Chinfing’s letter to a Tibetan family in Lhunje County, near Arunachal Pradesh, in 2017, asking them to establish their roots and develop their hometown for protection. from the Chinese region.

Chinese President Xi Chinfing (file photo)

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