China collects weapons of global destruction, greater disclosure than secret U.S. documents

China, which sings the tune of world peace, has started manufacturing weapons to destroy the entire earth. China is expanding the plutonium and uranium plant on a large scale to strengthen its nuclear force. Secret US documents have revealed that this whole Chinese plan is highly secret and catastrophic. China is working on a large-scale nuclear warhead in its missiles and bombers.

According to a Washington Times report, this US document on Chinese nuclear power handed over to NATO countries last month indicates that three Chinese factories have been expanded very quickly since 2010. The Jikwan atomic power complex, which manufactures nuclear fuel. plutonium, has doubled from its initial size in just two years. Not only that, another reactor was built last year.

US officials believe the expansion of the Jikwan nuclear power plant is in line with the US Department of Defense Pentagon’s estimate that China will double its number of nuclear weapons over the next decade. At present, China has 200 nuclear bombs, and China is building more and more nuclear bombs for American missiles.

Marshal Billingley, an official with the US State Department of Arms Control, said the world has a right to know what China has. China has never accepted the number of nuclear bombs it has and the number of nuclear bombs it plans to make ”. He said that although it is clear from satellite images that China is secretly running a large program of rapid nuclear bombing. There is no doubt that China wishes to expand its military and nuclear capabilities to the same level as the United States and Russia.

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