China Coronavirus Vaccine: Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan: Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan

Pakistan demanded on Thursday that an organization like the WHO decide rather than individual countries decide whether or not to accept the coronavirus vaccine for travel around the world. This request was made because Pakistan is facing difficulties due to its dependence on China for vaccines. In fact, many countries do not accept Chinese vaccines and only approve Pfizer, Moderna, and AustraZeneca.

Planning Minister Asad Umar, head of Pakistan’s national anti-corona command and operation center, tweeted: “The decision to accept the vaccine must be made by a global organization like the WHO. Every country who decides which vaccine is acceptable to them causes a lot of confusion.The health and well-being of the world’s citizens cannot be held hostage by a global strategic rivalry.

Most of the vaccine doses Pakistan has given to 13.5 million people are doses of three Chinese vaccines, cyanopharm, cyanovac and cansine. By the way, 1.2 million doses of AstraZeneca and 100,000 doses of Pfizer have been supplied to Pakistan. Western vaccines are specifically given to Pakistanis who go to work abroad or to foreign universities to study.

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