China COVID-19 Vaccines Latest News: China Approves 16 Locally Made COVID-19 Vaccines for Clinical Trials: China Approves Clinical Trial of 16 Indigenous Corona Virus Vaccines

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China approves clinical trials for 16 indigenous corona virus vaccines, has already approved two vaccines Sinoform and Synovac Biotech, leaving the vaccine and distributing the vaccine around the world, slowing the rate of vaccination of its own population
China has approved clinical trials of 16 indigenous Kovid-19 vaccines. Six of these vaccines are in the third phase of testing. This information was given in the news of the official Chinese news agency Xinhua. According to the news, out of 16 indigenous vaccines, six vaccine trials are in phase three, which is the last stage. Previously, China had granted conditional approval to two vaccines manufactured by government companies Sinopharm and Synovac Biotech.

China distributes COVID-19 vaccine around the world
China is apparently prioritizing the diplomacy of the Kovid-19 vaccine over its national immunization program. China exports more to its country than vaccines. This information is given in a media report. According to data compiled by the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong-based newspaper, China sent at least 4.6 million prepared vaccines or its ingredients to the world by Monday.

Apart from that, millions of additional doses have yet to be sent. In contrast, the country’s health authority said that 4.05 crore of vaccine doses had been administered in China as of February 9, while more than 50 million doses had been administered in the United States. China conducted millions of investigations into Kovid-19 in a matter of days, but fell short of the target announced in early January.

Vaccination is slow in China
According to the newspaper, China has spoken of vaccinating five million people before its new year. China is officially closed from February 11 to 18 to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. China’s domestic vaccination program presents many challenges, the report said, including people’s reluctance about vaccines, limited supplies, and poor efficacy of Chinese-made vaccines.

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