China denies the entry of the expert team: China did not give access to the WHO investigative team, afraid of being exposed to the corona virus? – China refuses entry to the team of experts responsible for investigating the origins of Covid 19 Tedros Adhanom disappointed

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China has not allowed the WHO investigative team to find the source of the corona. It has been alleged that Beijing was hiding a lot of information about the corona virus. Was widespread in Geneva / Beijing
China has refused to allow the new World Health Organization (WHO) investigative team to enter the country to find the source of the corona virus. The news from China not authorizing the investigative team came at a time when Beijing has been accused of heavily hiding over the corona virus. It is believed that at the end of 2019, the corona virus had spread from the city of Wuhan in China to the whole world.

China says the corona virus has not spread from Wuhan. The WHO chief said the Chinese authorities had not allowed the team of experts to come and that they were “disappointed”. A year after the Corona virus outbreak, a team of WHO experts were to travel to China to find the source of the outbreak. This trip had a global eye.

China accused of withholding information related to corona virus
Leaders of several countries, including the US president, have accused China of withholding information related to the corona virus. The WHO said China previously authorized a 10-person expert team to visit China this week. The organization said most of the experts had not even started their journey to deal with crises. China still does not allow them to travel.

WHO’s director of emergency affairs, Michael Ryan, said on Tuesday there was a visa failure issue. He expressed the hope that it is only a “bureaucratic problem which will be solved very soon”. WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyes, who has been criticized over China, said: “Today we learn that Chinese authorities have yet to give the necessary clearance to the team. investigation to enter China “.

I am very disappointed not to allow China: Tedros
Criticizing China after a long time, Tedros said: “I am deeply disappointed by the news that two members have already started their journey and that others will not be able to travel at the last moment.” He said he was in contact with senior Chinese officials. Tedros said: “I have been assured that China is speeding up its internal process to enable it as soon as possible. We want the investigation team to get involved in its work as quickly as possible.

China did not approve of the World Health Organization team

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