China Detention Camp: Space at China’s Uyghur Muslim Detention Center

The largest detention center in China and possibly the world was built to hold 10,000 people, and more people can be accommodated here if needed. China, which has consistently denied the allegations, sent reporters on an official visit to the far west region of Xinjiang and during this extraordinary access was granted. Here he saw parts of this detention center. Spread over 220 hectares, the number three detention center in Urumqi is twice the size of Vatican City.

He was identified as a remand center on a sign in front of him. Chinese authorities refused to give the number of prisoners, saying the number could vary but based on satellite photos taken during the tour, etc., it can be said that more than 10,000 people may be held there.

Minorities are still prisoners
This place shows that China still has Uyghurs and other minorities, especially Muslims, in detention centers and plans to keep them in jail. Satellite images show that about a mile of new buildings were added to the Dabangcheng Detention Center in 2019.

China has described its massive efforts to house a million or more minorities in detention centers over the past four years as a “war on terror”, following several incidents of stabbing and terrorist attacks. the bomb perpetrated by extremist Uyghurs from Xinjiang. Among its most controversial aspects were the so-called commercial “training centers” – described by former detainees as brutal internment camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards.

New centers have also been created
China had previously denied their existence and later, after strong international criticism, said in 2019 that everyone detained there had “graduated.” However, agency visits to Dabangcheng, satellite photographs, and interviews with experts and former detainees show that many “training centers” may have closed, but some similar ones have been turned into prisons or in pre-trial detention centers.

Hell life in China, the painful story of millions of Uyghur Muslims

In addition, several new centers were also built, including a new detention center built on 85 acres below the number three road in Dabangcheng. The change appears to be an attempt to move temporary and extrajudicial “training centers” to a more permanent system of prisons and remand centers under the law. While some Uyghurs have been released, others have been integrated into this network of prisons.

However, researchers claim that many innocent people are often pushed into detention centers for reasons like going abroad or attending religious gatherings.

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