China expands missile training area: China is rapidly expanding its training area for world conquest through missiles

China is rapidly expanding its missile training area amid continuing tensions from many countries around the world, including India and the United States. Satellite photographs have revealed that the Chinese military is expanding storage containers (silos), tunnels and support facilities to transport missiles to the area. From these preparations, there are fears that China will make missiles the main weapon in the coming days to increase its firepower and dominate the enemy. China has many deadly missiles, which the United States doesn’t even break.
(Photo – Federation of American Scientists)

China builds storage site for missiles and launchers

Hanes M. Christens, a Chinese defense expert and director of the nuclear information project at the Federation of American Scientists, revealed in his blog that according to satellite photos, China is making at least 16 silos. These photographs also showed that he was making the tricolor to hide the new missile launch facility and the loading operation. The People’s Republic of China Rocket Force (PLARF) trains its missile crew in this training area east of Jilantai City in Inner Mongolia Province. This includes missiles and support vehicles mounted on trucks or trains. The Geelantai training area covers a total area of ​​2,090 km2, including desert and hilly areas. Its length is about 140 kilometers.

(Photo – Federation of American Scientists)

China has manufactured 140 missile launch platforms

China has done a lot of development work here since 2013. In which 140 launch platforms have been made. Thanks to them, the Chinese military’s missile force continues to train from time to time. Apart from that, over 25 campgrounds have also been built here. Where the launch unit resides before returning. Five high bay maintenance launchers and support vehicles operate in this area. Currently, construction work is underway in this area from north to south. Silos are made to transport missiles to launchers. A large number of underground facilities are built here to hide and protect camping areas and launchers.

(Photo – Federation of American Scientists)

Google Earth images are quite old

Hannes M. Christens also expressed his disappointment with the satellite photographs of the region. He said that the mapping of this area has been done at a very slow pace over the past two years. On Google Earth, only a few areas and a limited number of photos are available. Only the image of the Northeast region is from 2019. The rest of the photos here were taken in 2013 and 2014. In such a situation, very few people are aware of the huge development that China has achieved. in this domain. These high resolution photos were taken by Maxar’s satellites.

(Photo – Federation of American Scientists)

China builds 11 new missile barracks

The report states that all silos manufactured here are shorter than the DF-5 ICBMs. It is feared that missiles like the DF-41 could be exploited from this site. In 2016, the first silos were built to contain missiles here. Later in the year 2018-2020, four more Russian-type silos were manufactured. China is currently manufacturing 11 additional silos at the end of 2020, which are not yet complete. All of these silos are located in an area of ​​10 multiples of 20 km, in which the distance from one to the other is about 2.2-4.4 km.

(Photo – Federation of American Scientists)

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