China fortifies defenses in Ladakh: dragon pouring dust into India’s eye in Ladakh, making Aksai Chin an impregnable fortress

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The Chinese dragon is once again preparing for a big deception with India under the guise of negotiations.The PLA has deployed large-scale troops to the Aksai Chin region in the past 30 days. Beijing has also expanded
The Chinese dragon is once again preparing for a great deception with India. The Chinese PLA army has deployed large-scale troops to its occupied area of ​​Aksai Chin over the past 30 days and is building high-speed roads. Not only that, China has also widened the road connecting Finger 6 to 8 from Lake Pangong so that the Chinese military can reach the Indian front very quickly in the event of a fight.

According to the Hindustan Times report, this action by the Chinese military makes it clear that it is preparing to stay in Aksai Chin for a long time. He also wants to keep the pressure on himself even after talks with India. Negotiations will soon take place between the Indian and Chinese military to push back the troops and reduce the tension.

Big claim from Chinese media, India will first withdraw army from south shore of Lake Pangong in Ladakh

Chinese army builds 10 to 10 bunkers
Indian military sources said the PLA was building 10 bunkers at Mount Sajum, located south of Samar Lungpa and Rechin La, 30 km from the Karakoram Pass. Not only that, the Chinese military is also eyeing the strategically important airstrip of Daulat Beg Oldi. The PLA Daulat Beg is expanding the deployment of its troops to Kijil Jilga, 70 km east of Oldi.

In all of these places there are serious differences between India and China regarding CLA. Kijil Zilga is a major military base of the Chinese army. A section of the Indian Defense Ministry believes that the Chinese military may withdraw soon, but this intelligence information is the exact opposite of what they thought. If that happens, the Indian military may have to stay in the midst of the freezing cold. According to sources, 60 heavy pieces of equipment were seen in China just south of Chushul.

China is building a network of strategic routes
China has installed surveillance equipment all over the Ladakh border. Carriers carrying tanks from China were seen in Gobak. Not only that, China also redeployed troops to western Chang La, located in the northeastern regions of Rudog, Mpotheng, Sumxi, and Demchok to Aksai Chin. China is also building strategic large-scale roads around the LAC region.

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