China has again stolen technology from the US B-2 Spirit fighter jet? H-20 Manufactured Stealth Bomber – Chinese Air Force PLAAF H-20 Stealth Bomber is a copy of the US Air Force’s Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit

Everyone knows that China specializes in copying the best products in the world. However, China has never officially confessed to making a product by stealing technology from a country. Recently, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force released a recruiting video. In which Aaj Tak showed the H-20 stealth bomber hidden from the eyes of the world. At first glance, this aircraft looks like the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber of America. As it stands, there is no denying China’s record that this aircraft was built by stealing American technology.

This video was released by the Chinese Air Force on January 5.

This PLAAF recruiting video first appeared on YouTube on January 5, 2021. Through this video titled “Dream of Youth,” China is wooing its younger generation to recruit into the Air Force . These days, China is stressed by most of the world’s superpowers besides America and India. China is entangled with many countries in the South and East China Sea on one side, including the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Brunei, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. On the other hand, its tension with India is well known in the Himalayan heights. In such a situation, President Xi Jinping plans to make his air force world-class.

China to deploy H-20 instead of H-6

China is now considering deploying the modern H-20 stealth bomber by withdrawing its strategic H-6 bombers, according to a report from the Flightglobal technical flight website. Many experts also feared that this Chinese plane, like its other planes, was made by stealing technology. The model of this aircraft resembles that of the American B-2 and B-21 bombers.

Is this bomber powerful in China or really?

At the same time, a National Interest report indicates that this Chinese plane still remains a mystery. While the US B-2 and B-21 bombers are combat evidence that has been tried in many wars and intelligence missions. In such a situation, this plane fails to pose a great challenge to America.

This aircraft was first shown in 2019

China first presented its mysterious H-20 bomber at the Zhuhai Airshow in 2019. At the same time, a New Zealand Herald report claimed that the H-20 supersonic stealth bomber could double the strike range of the China. It is interesting to note that little information on this aircraft is yet available on any platform.

He is mentioned in the US Defense Report

This was mentioned in the Pentagon’s annual report on the military power of China for 2018 and 2019. The annual report on the military power of China of the US Department of Defense, released in 2019, states that the Chinese aircraft H -20 is capable of attacking 8,500 kilometers. It is capable of carrying nuclear and non-nuclear (conventional) weapons.

US B-2 can carry 16 nuclear bombs

Spirit B-2 is considered the deadliest bomber in the world. This bomber plane can carry 16 B61-7 nuclear bombs simultaneously. Recently, its fleet has included extremely deadly and precise B61-12 nuclear bombs. Not only that, it easily penetrates enemy territory by dodging enemy air defense. Conventional thousand kilogram bombs can also be deployed on this bomber. It is considered the most effective bomber for attacking enemy lands.

America has a total of 20 B-2 stealth planes

In 1997, a B-2 Spirit bomber cost about $ 2.1 billion. The United States has a total of 20 B-2 Spirit Steel Bombers. This bomber is capable of striking up to 11,000 kilometers while flying at an altitude of 50,000 feet. Once in supply, it can attack up to 19 thousand kilometers. The plane has proven its capability in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

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