China has built factories for Uyghur Muslims inside Xinjiang detention camps: China has built 135 torture houses in the factory of Uygar Muslims, forced to work for hours

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There has been a big revelation about the atrocities committed against Uigar Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province. China has built more than 100 new torture centers in its Muslim-dominated Xinjiang province. The Uigars are imprisoned in these centers and they are forced to work in the factory. Become Beijing
Satellite photographs of atrocities against Uighar Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province have revealed a major problem. China has built more than 100 new torture centers in its Muslim-dominated Xinjiang province, in which not only are the Uygars imprisoned, but they are also forcibly employed in the factory there. After being forced to work for many hours, these prisoners receive only 100 rupees per month.

The Badfeed news site revealed it with the help of government documents, interviews and hundreds of satellite photographs. In this study, it was found that China built a factory in 135 torture houses. Ugar Muslims are forcibly employed in these factories. Not only that, the forced labor process continues in factories located inside and outside torture centers all over Xinjiang. Some are so large that thousands of people work there.

Total area of ​​factories spread over 20 million square feet
Bajfeed said the total area of ​​factories built in Xinjiang is 20 million square feet. This area continues to grow as this process of holding uygars continues very rapidly. The report states that from the year 2016 until today, 10 Uighar Muslim lakh have been detained. In 2018 alone, an area of ​​40 lakh crore was converted into a factory.
Two Uigar detainees who had been locked up in these torture centers said that during their detention they had to work in these factories. He said that the prisoners were taken to the factory after filling them on buses and had to make gloves there. When asked if she was paid for this job, she laughed. He said that the Chinese administration created hell which destroyed my life.

Only paid 9 yuan or about 100 rupees to work a month
Dina Nurdayabai, who was detained in 2017 and 2018, said she had to work and in return received little or no money. Dina said, “I felt like I was in hell. He said the prisoners were locked in a corner and the school uniforms were sewn on. Another prisoner said he was only given 9 yuan or about 100 rupees for working a month. During this time, he had to work 9 hours a day.

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