China has given Taiwan strict warning, said – Freedom means ‘war’ – China warns Taiwan independence means war, PLA will start military exercises near island

Strong points:

China furious with Taiwan, said – Freedom means war, China’s claim – is ready to declare independence for maneuvers near the Taiwan border.
China has warned against war, accusing Taiwan of preparing to declare independence. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said Taiwan’s independence was synonymous with war. The ministry also said their armed forces were always ready to respond to provocation and foreign interference. Recently, Chinese fighter jets have entered Taiwan airspace. Since then, the tension between the two countries is at its peak.

Taiwan independence means war
A spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry said that a handful of people in Taiwan are calling for independence. We warn those elements who want Taiwan independence that those who play with fire will burn themselves and that Taiwan’s freedom means war.

China claims – Taiwan can declare independence
China believes that the democratically elected government of Taiwan is moving towards a formal declaration of independence. However, President Tsai Ing-wen has already said that Taiwan is already an independent country, called the Republic of China. On the other hand, the Chinese Defense Ministry has again declared that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China.

China also sends 15 fighter jets after nuclear bombers on day two
China said this about the warplane incursion into Taiwan
Asked about recent activities of the Chinese Air Force, Yu Qian said that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army military activities in the Gulf of Taiwan were an effort to maintain the current security situation and take the measures necessary to protect national sovereignty and security. He also said that the activities of the Chinese military were a response to the foreign provocation for Taiwan independence.

China is agitated because of this
China also detonated its 8H-6 nuclear bombers in Taiwan airspace on Saturday. They were accompanied by a squad of four J-16 fighter jets. The Chinese plane fled after Taiwan’s retaliation. China is said to be fueled by the US diplomat’s visit to Taiwan. For this reason, the tension between the two countries is increasing again.

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