China-India shock update: Sudden expansion of China’s air power on its Indian border revealed satellite imagery

Strong points:

The Chinese dragon began to repeat its movement in the South China Sea at the Indian border China has secretly started to increase its air power on its western border at very high speed China has started to strengthen its air bases at a time when tensions with India continue in Beijing
The Chinese dragon began to repeat its movement in the South China Sea now at the Indian border as well. China has secretly started to increase the air force on its western border at a very high speed. China has started strengthening these air bases at a time when its tension with India is at its height. China has now deployed deadly missiles on nuclear bombers at its air bases near the Indian border.

The US defense site The Drive, with the help of open source intelligence experts, said that after the Galwan violence in eastern Ladakh, there had been a turning point in the position of China and India. Especially China is now investing very quickly in its air bases. China has unexpectedly stepped up aviation activities along the Indian border over the past year. Apart from that, China has increased its power to shoot down Indian planes in the ground collector.

“The strategic impact of China’s preparation is very dangerous”
Satellite images have revealed that China is building new Aksai Chin bases, helipads and rail lines on the Arunachal Pradesh border. It was said in the report that this preparation of China is not only defensive and that its strategic effect can be very dangerous. Defense experts said China has rapidly increased its military infrastructure in Tibet and in Xinjiang province on its western border. In this, the focus has been on increasing China’s air power.

After the Doklam stalemate in 2017, especially last year, China has prepared many new military bases. At the same time, the existing military bases have been modernized at a stormy pace. China has built many new runways in its western provinces and has focused on increasing the size of the Chinese Air Force. China has prepared many such structures, it will not be easy to destroy them during the airstrike on India. China has now put its preparations for the Indian border on high alert.

“Indian Air Force and its neighbors should be nervous and kneel down”
Experts said the sudden infrastructure development in Tibet and Xinjiang is taking place directly amid growing geopolitical tensions between India and China. How much power China has gathered on the western border cannot be estimated at this time. Even if its preparation seems to take time. Work is progressing very quickly on these military bases. Experts say the current construction is not the end of Chinese preparations, but its intention is to do more.

Experts said that the overall readiness of the Chinese Air Force is aimed at showing itself as a stronger air force on the Indian border. His effort is that if a real war breaks out with India, then he can continue his air activities for a long time. China’s intention is to take over airspace through its aggressive behavior. China is trying so hard to strengthen its air force that the Indian Air Force and other neighboring countries get nervous and kneel down without a fight.

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