China Indian Student Vaccine Rule: Corona Virus Vaccine Rules for Indian Students in China: Indian Students in China Rules for Corona Virus Vaccine

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China To Study New Vaccination Rules, Compulsory Vaccination Of Students Will Be Carried Out To Travel To Study Country, Vaccination Was Necessary Peaching
China announced on Friday that it would “ study ” its new vaccination against the Chinese vaccine Kovid-19 to apply it to thousands of Indian students who could not return to study at their educational institutions in the country in due to travel restrictions. In a notice posted on the website of the Chinese Embassy in India on March 15, China made it compulsory for people from India and 19 other countries to obtain the Kovid-19 vaccine made in China if they wish to travel to the country.

A notice on the Chinese Embassy stated, “ In order to reopen people-to-people contacts from March 15, 2021, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in India will issue certificates to those who made China Kovid vaccines. 19. He said the rule would apply to people and their family members who wish to travel to China to resume work, as well as foreigners who are family members of Chinese citizens or have permanent residents in China. China.

However, he does not mention the thousands of Indian students stranded in India for over a year. The new rule has caused confusion because the Chinese vaccine Kovid-19 is not available in India. Over 23,000 Indian students have enrolled in Chinese universities and most of them have not returned to China due to travel restrictions.

Asked whether the new immunization rule applies to Indian students, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a press briefing here: “The Chinese government is attaching of great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of foreign students in China. ” He said: “Provided they follow the banned protocol, the Chinese authorities will study the matter in a coordinated manner and maintain a dialogue with the parties concerned.”

He described the news given to the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi as “ incorrect ” that if the Indian government gives permission, China will provide Chinese vaccines in India to Indian travelers. Zhao said in response to a question, “The news you mentioned is not true.”

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