China Italy Coronavirus Source: Wuhan did not first spread the corona virus from Italy, Chinese scientist claims air ejected air

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China claimed the corona virus spread to Italy before spreading to the city of Wuhan. She also claimed that the claim was corollary that the wreath had spread from Wuhan to the Chinese spokesperson’s claim that scientists associated with the Corona Hi study dismissed.
China has claimed that a study to uncover the source of Kovid-19 found that the corona virus spread to Italy before spreading to the city of Wuhan last year. This has led to the accusation that the corona virus has spread from Wuhan. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lilian said the study also found that the question of the source of the virus was a “ complex question ” and that it had likely developed in many country.

However, this claim by the Chinese spokesperson was rejected by scientists associated with the Corona study. Scientist Giovanni Apolone involved in the study said his research did not rule out the possibility of spreading the corona virus from China. He said, “We know that China has delayed the announcement of the corona virus outbreak, so it cannot be said when the corona virus infection started to spread there.”

“ Corona virus was spreading silently in China ”
The scientist said the corona virus was spreading silently in China and was spreading much earlier than previous estimates. Then it came to northern Italy. He said China has very close trade relations with northern Italy. This is not the first time that a Chinese spokesperson has tried to convince other countries to spread the corona virus.

According to official figures to date, around five and a half million people have been infected with the global pandemic corona virus and 1.3 million people have died. Meanwhile, according to a study, the actual number of global infections from the Kovid-19 outbreak could be up to six times higher than the cases known so far. According to researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Melbourne, the infection rate in 15 countries in March and August was on average 6.2 times higher than reported cases.

More than 54 million people infected with the corona virus in Britain
According to a report published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, the rates of infection with the corona virus in Britain, France, Belgium and Italy are much higher than the known cases and 17 times higher in the case from Italy. The study said Australia had the best level of infection detection among 15 countries at the end of April. But the infection rate may still be five times higher than the number officially reported at the end of August. The researchers said the study estimated the exact number of infections in Australia, Canada, South Korea and the United States, with a combined population of more than 800 million people from 11 European countries.

Quentin Grafton, co-author of the study and professor at ANU, said we have found that infections are much higher in many countries than confirmed cases. This is important for the control and estimation of infection. He referred to Britain for example, and said that in our analysis, over 54 million people in Britain, or eight percent of the population, have been or have been infected with the Corona virus. .

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