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China tried to hide the figures and never released them. Blogger’s sentence reduced on condition of apology.

New Delhi. Last year, many Chinese soldiers were killed in a clash between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley near Ladakh. But China tried to hide the figures and never made them public. Meanwhile, the blogger who questioned the figures has been sentenced to eight months in prison.

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China got angry

The blogger questioned the death toll, which angered China. He was taken into custody following the comments. He has now been sentenced to eight months in prison. In fact, the blogger raised questions about the figures provided by China of its soldiers killed in the clashes.
2.5 million followers

China took him into custody rather than take action. Qiu Jimming is a famous blogger from China. It has 2.5 million followers on the internet. She’s like a celebrity. China’s official newspaper Global Times has given this information in its report.

Sorry for the statement

The blogger has been sentenced to 8 months. Along with this, it has also been ordered that he should apologize for his statement by the national media within 10 days. The court said in its decision that Q had admitted its error and in its application to the court said it would not commit such an act in future. As such, he has been given a lesser sentence. Earlier on March 1, QU also apologized for his statement on a TV channel. According to media reports, Qiu said he was ashamed of his statement and apologized.

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Many more soldiers were killed

So far China has been confirming the deaths of four of its soldiers in the Galvan Valley. But QU says many more Chinese soldiers have been killed in the clashes. The QU said on its social media post that more soldiers had been killed than reported. In the past, the Russian media channel Tas claims that more than 45 soldiers have been killed in the clashes.

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