China jails Zhang Zhan: China exposes Corona virus in Wuhan, China jails female reporter – China jails citizen reporter Zhang Zhan for Wuhan Covid 19 reports

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Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan jailed for making several revelations about the corona virus in Wuhan Journalist Zhang Zhan was convicted of “quarreling” and “causing trouble”. Zhang was sentenced to 4 years in prison, Zhang was detained in May.
China has found the country’s reporter Zhang Zhan, who made several revelations about the corona virus in Wuhan, guilty of “ quarreling ” and “ causing trouble. ” Journalist and lawyer Zhang was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Earlier in May, Zhang was detained and she was on a hunger strike against her for several months. Zhang’s attorneys claim that his client’s health is also poor.

Zhang is one of the struggling citizen journalists following the discovery of the corona virus in Wuhan. There is no independent media in China, and Chinese officials are taking action against activists who question Chinese government policies regarding the corona virus. Zhang arrived at the Shanghai court with her lawyer on Monday. According to the indictment, Zhang arrived in Wuhan in February to do an independent report on Corona.

He made several videos and reports live from Wuhan, which were shared widely on social media in February. This caught the attention of Chinese authorities and she succumbed to it. An NGO associated with human rights in China claims that in its report, Zhang published reports on the detention of independent journalists and the torture of families demanding accountability.

Zhang had been missing from Wuhan since May 14. A day later, it was revealed that Zhang had been detained by police in Shanghai. Shanghai is 640 km from Wuhan. He was formally charged in November. Zhang was charged with disseminating false information through texts, videos and other media platforms.

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