China Lunar Mission: Chang’e: China Turns Out To Bring A “Lunar Coin”, Will It Compete With America In Space? – launch of China’s lunar change mission to bring soil and rock samples

Recently, China, which sent a robotic spacecraft to bring back rocks from the moon, is eyeing the space race. Especially in recent times in the increasing competition with America, he does not want to give any chance to get ahead of him. China is the first country to land a mission to the moon after 40 years. Previously, this work was carried out under the Soviet Luna program.

China named the Chang’e 5 mission after the moon goddess. China’s space program is improving rapidly, but its competition is with the US Artemis program which wants to get humans to the moon by 2024. At the same time, the European Space Agency is also considering sending the lander.

Chinese lunar mission

The country’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lizhiyan said people held their breath after seeing the launch. He said it was in man’s best interests to explore space in a peaceful manner. The mission of the Chinese mission is Mons Rumker. It is volcanic soil 4,265 feet high. It is present near Oceanus Procellarum.

Lijian hoped that the mission would return from China with a good experience. He had said: “Humans have limitless possibilities for exploration in space. It is a work of common interest which will benefit everyone. He said China is keen to work in this direction with other countries.

Chinese lunar mission

The job of this mission will be to bring moon and rock samples to earth. Last month, Dr Malcolm Davis, senior analyst at the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy, said he believes China can rule space, which could be of concern to the United States. He said China has already expressed a desire to have space power by 2049 and may have already done so.

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